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vidatoxSmallFree Delivery Product Escozul with your business name Vidatox ® has concluded. Once registered the product must be marketed. The drug already has a cost.
The Cuban company of biological products Labiofam announced in Havana that has been completed for the next research and marketing of veterinary medicine "Vidatox" therapy to treat cancer based on the properties of scorpion venom. Cuban scientists have verified that the scorpion venom toxin Rophalorus Junceus, endemic to Cuba, has "an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor", as explained Pavel Pizart and Isbel Gonzalez, CEO and head of research Labiofam respectively.

Placental Histoterapia - Psoriasis

Consultation Psoriasis

psoriasis2Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that evolves by crisis and affects 2% of the world population.

Basically it is a disorder of epidermal cell proliferation, clinically characterized by excessive flaking skin lesions and shaped and pruritic hyperkeratotic plaques located on the trunk, joints and scalp. The plates are reddish, symmetric, circumscribed, thick edges and well defined, covered with pearly white scales, imbricated, abundant and easily removable.

Placental Histoterapia -VITILIGO

Consultation Vitiligo

vitiligo1Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a disease which progressively loses the color of the skin, affecting 1% of the world population regardless of sex, age, race or geographic latitude. It is characterized by the appearance of depigmented areas located mainly on the face, legs and genital area of individuals who have it.

The disease may remain localized at these sites for a long time and spread rapidly throughout the body to completely despigmentarlo. The disease is caused by the destruction of a type of cell called melanocytes that are responsible for producing the pigment that colors the skin (melanin).

Addictions Rehabilitation

7 days accomodation for the patient and companion.
Includes food, health and nursing standard use therapeutic and recreational areas.

Initial Evaluation and preparation of medical history

  • Laboratory investigation