Placental Histoterapia -VITILIGO

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Placental Histoterapia -VITILIGO

Consultation Vitiligo

vitiligo1Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a disease which progressively loses the color of the skin, affecting 1% of the world population regardless of sex, age, race or geographic latitude. It is characterized by the appearance of depigmented areas located mainly on the face, legs and genital area of individuals who have it.

The disease may remain localized at these sites for a long time and spread rapidly throughout the body to completely despigmentarlo. The disease is caused by the destruction of a type of cell called melanocytes that are responsible for producing the pigment that colors the skin (melanin).


Information about treatment for Vitiligo developed in our center.

To start it must be consulted in our International Clinical Service and stay for at least three days in Cuba.
The consultations are conducted by specialized medical personnel Monday through Friday of each week from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, with a price of 120.00 CUC (Cuban Convertible Pesos).
Training sessions on the implementation of the drug [3] have a value of 40.00 CUC each. The patient is not admitted, but staying at hotels in the capital, as is outpatient treatment.
To continue the treatment at home, the patient will be advised on inquiry the right amount of medicine to take, according to the degree of extension of their body surface area affected by the disease. The value of a Melagenina Plus bottle (235 ml) is 36.00 CUC

NOTE: Medicine Melagenina Plus is not sold freely, only after evaluation and prescription in our center, which includes consultation and three treatment sessions.

PLUS Melagenina

vitiligo2Melagenina Plus (Melagenina + Calcium chloride) is an alcoholic extract of human placenta, pharmaceutical product that has the property of increasing the reproduction of the melanocytes as well as accelerate the process of production of melanin within it, so is a drug of choice for the treatment of Vitiligo to accelerate the remaining reproduction of the melanocytes in the edge or inner area of the patient achronic regions.

The safety of treatment with Melagenina PLUS can be used both in children and adults, including the elderly, pregnant women and women during the menstrual period. It is compatible with any type of food or drink, as well as other drug groups, with the exception of psoralens, corticosteroids and cytostatics, which manifests with antagonism.

Treatment for Cancer

PLUS Melagenina drawbacks no side effects, local or systemic.



vitiligo3At baseline, 40 percent of patients come achromic new areas or increase the size of existing ones.
This effect is only temporary and has no value in relation to the probability of cure.


Amber glass bottle of 235 ml.


Human placental lipoprotein fraction solubilized in alcohol (90 degrees) 235 ml. and CaCI2


Shake to redistribute containing precipitate. Apply the lotion rubbing with the fingertips on the depigmented skin areas once a day, every 24 hours. It requires exposing or infrared solar radiation.