Applied Sport Science

Applied Sport Science

Modular Courses in Physical Education are offered in the areas of Physical Education and Physical Education School for Adults.

These modular courses are offered both for graduates of higher level to the middle level and empirical specialists.

They offer the same in each of the following specialties:

MODULAR COURSES sports sciences.

COST: $385.00 USD

Therapeutic Physical Culture.

  1. Therapeutic Physical Activity.
  2. Preparation of the pregnant psychophysics.
  3. Asthma and exercise.
  4. Hypertension and exercise.
  5. Obesity and physical exercise.
  6. Importance of exercise in cardiac rehabilitation.
  7. Diagnosis and control of the Elderly morphofunctional practicing physical activities.
  8. Therapeutic exercise for the adult hemiplegia.

Adapted physical activity.

  1. Adapted Physical Activity (APA) for children and adolescents with special educational needs (SEN).
  2. EI: challenge and necessity of Special Education.
  3. Adapted Physical Activities for children and adolescents with SEN by mental retardation (MR) and Pervasive Developmental Disorders.
  4. Adapted Physical Activity (APA) for children and adolescents with special educational needs (SEN) for physical deficiencies - motor.
  5. Adapted Physical Activity (APA) for children and adolescents with special educational needs (SEN) sensory disability.


  1. Basic Massage.
  2. Therapeutic Massage.
  3. Sports massage.
  4. Oriental Massage Shiatsu.
  5. Energetic Therapeutic Massage.


  1. Research methods in anthropology sport.
  2. Functional research methods applied to physical education and sports.
  3. Evaluation and monitoring of therapeutic physical activity.
  4. Medical management of sports physical activity.
  5. Prevention and treatment of sports injuries.


  1. Bioenergetics of muscle work.


  1. Biological basis of sports training.
  2. Exercise physiology.


  1. Metrology sports.
  2. Construction biomechanical model of the human being.


  1. Methods and Diagnostic Techniques for Psychological control in sport.

Theory and methodology of sports training.

  1. The scientific selection of potential sports talents.
  2. Development of physical abilities in sports training.
  3. Loading and sports training methods.
  4. Planning system of sports training.


  1. Methodological foundation of sports administration.
  2. Skills Skills and sports leader.
  3. Top management sportswear.
  4. Management teams.
  5. Sports administration.


  1. Highly competitive sport and sport for all.


  1. The contemporary global environmental problems and their involvement in the sphere of physical culture. Cuban Alternative.
  2. Contemporary environmental problems and involvement in physical education activities in the community.

Data analysis.

  1. Research Methodology applied to physical activity and sport.
  2. Statistics applied to physical activity and sport.

High Perfomance Courses


  • Time and Barnds
  • Sport Games
  • Combat Sports
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Sports Sciences Courses


  • Therapeutic Physical
  • Medical Control
  • Massage
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Physical Education


  • Aerobycs Gimanstic
  • Preparación Física
  • Psychomotricity
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Physical Recreation

Physical Recreation

  • Tourist Recreation
  • Sport Tourism
  • Walking and hiking
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